For the past two years, my dog (my son) has been going to Puppy Loft. They have cared for him, groomed him and accommodate every special need I\’ve had. The staff is friendly and always willing to help in any way desired by the client. My baby (as I call it) is always happy to go and play with his friends. The facility are not luxurious, but the care and the service more than makes up for it. Every time I see my baby happy to be there, it assures me that he is well cared for.His grooming is impeccable. My baby is groomed every week and they make sure he looks his best every day before I pick him up. Every single day, I receive compliments on how well groomed he is and what a fantastic job I do caring for him.Management is happy to comply with every request one may have. I recommend Puppy Loft for anyone who wants to feel like his dog is being treated and cared for as if it was one self running the place.