I am writing this review in gratitude to let all other dog owners know about my WONDERFUL experience with Puppy Loft (“PL”). I don’t know what I would have done without PL to provide care to my Maltese during long work days. I spent months searching for a daycare service that would offer my pup a safe and pleasant home away from home, visiting and interviewing several other daycare centers in downtown New York City. I tested another daycare nearby that–though clean and well-staffed–ultimately drove me away with its popularity, constant overcrowding and higher prices. Puppy Loft was an absolute treasure to discover in the Chelsea neighborhood for the following reasons: (1) The daycare is owned by Jules and is run like a family business; as a result you see the same people every day interacting with your dogs and getting to know their habits and play styles. This continuity in care provides a crucial way for dogs to feel safe and familiar in their daycare surroundings, and PL avoids the corporate ambience and the lack of personalized service that characterize bigger daycare franchises. My dog attended everyday & wagged his tail every time we turned the corner nearby. He especially liked Isabella, one of the attendants who looked after smaller breeds, because she always greeted him by name and took special care of him. An example: when my dog was dropped off at home in the evenings, I noticed his feet were washed and clean despite rain or mud from his morning walk to daycare. Whenever I boarded him for a weekend, he was always returned to me with a (free) bath. (2) The prices are fair. Doggie daycare is at times prohibitively expensive, and some businesses charge you exorbitant prices for your peace of mind. Puppy Loft’s prices, especially the package rates, are much more competitive than comparable NYC daycare facilities, and PL provides daily transportation to and from your home if you work late hours. (3) The dogs at Puppy Loft are never overcrowded, which is the #1 problem with popular daycares that prioritize profit over the dogs’ comfort and fail to place a cap on how many dogs are admitted. Puppy Loft’s facilities are big: they feature an enormous playroom in the back for larger breeds and a medium size playroom in the front for toy/small breeds. I have never seen the animals at Puppy Loft running around in frantic circles due to overcrowding as I have observed in numerous other facilities. The mood improvement of my dog since switching to PL was immediately obvious; he appeared happier with drop-off in the mornings and when I checked on him via the Webcam he was usually napping on a cot or playing with other dogs calmly. (4) Puppy Loft’s space is new, recently built, well-ventilated and impeccably cleaned, with remodeled floors, filtered drinking water (Drinkwell fountains) for the dogs to sip from, 24-hour supervision for daycare and boarders, and playground sets in the small breed room for the dogs to lounge on. There is also a downstairs space for grooming/mealtime. (5) Unlike other daycares, Puppy Loft offers the dogs toys, ropes and balls to amuse them during the long day, the use of which is always supervised by the daycare attendants. Providing toys makes a huge difference in the dogs’ mental stimulation. So long as there is proper supervision, the dogs benefit materially from having interesting throw toys and playground sets to interact with. (6) Most importantly, I truly feel that Puppy Loft provides meticulous, thoughtful personalized care–of a kind you will rarely find at other daycare businesses. One great example is their Daily Report Cards, featuring digital photographs of your dog taken that same day, that contain information about how many meals were given to your pup, how many bowel movements/relief walks occurred, who the other pups in attendance were, etc. The pictures and status reports were so entertaining that I saved all of mine. (7) Transparency, reliability, friendliness: There is a Webcam for you to log into, providing total transparency and reliability. Someone always answers the phone promptly and Puppy Loft has worked diligently to schedule my dog for last-minute boarding and/or drop-off. Last, Jules and his staff are friendly and reasonable people with whom it’s a pleasure to do business. I am really delightful I found this incredible daycare solution for my dog, and I hope that other busy New Yorkers who want their pups to be happy and nurtured during the workday try Puppy Loft for themselves and see the difference it makes in their dogs’ well-being.