Jules,Chris and Laurie – you were lifesavers! My brother suddenly went into the hospital & I live in Chicago and needed to find a place to board his two dogs. Sean knew of PL because he had taken Mrs. Kelly there for a day of beauty. I took Gatsby for a summer cut & Laurie told me about boarding. They took Mrs. Kelly later that afternoon and Gatsby arrived 1 week later. Chris was wonderful, keeping me informed via phone & emails. They were happy and loved everday. I have only positive praise for Jules and his staff. It is so comforting to know that PL is around the corner and so attentive and caring. After 1 month, Sean picked Mrs. Kelly & Gatsby up today, and Mrs.Kelly is giving him the cold shoulder. Prices were reasonable and they were extremely fair with us since I wasn’t sure how long the dogs would be there. I was so glad to know that my brother’s dogs would be cared for by such wonderful people. Again, thank you all.