The only difficult thing about Puppy Loft is getting my dog, Gabriella, to come home at the end of the day! We’ve been using their services since they opened, and it’s been a wonderful experience. The facility is beautiful and clean, the dogs have plenty of space to run around and play, and the prices are quite reasonable, especially for Manhattan. The staff is great; we’ve come to think of them as part of our extended family. Every time we walk past Puppy Loft, which is several times a day, Gabriella sits in front of the door and begs to go in. At home, all I have to say is “Puppy Loft,” and she’s waiting at the door, tail wagging. Gabriella is a Jack Russell mix, and requires a lot of active play. She looks forward to her daily ball games with all her friends (she’s rarely without a tennis ball in her mouth). We visit Puppy Loft almost every day — sometimes for just a “happy hour,” and couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you Puppy Loft!