I didn’t know what people meant when they said their dog was always so happy to go to daycare, so ready when you turn the corner, or jumping out of the bag ready to come out when they get there, until I started going to Puppy Loft. It’s amazing and so comforting to see Sophia looooves this place. She definitely goes nuts when we get there. Everyone is so attentive and extremely friendly. When we were gone for a week, I was looking on Puppyloft’s website for info with Sophia on my lap, and I didn’t realize they had photos of the playroom so I browsed through, and when Sophia saw Barbara, she went nuts! Her tail went 100 mph, she was making a whiny sound while trying to get closer to the screen with her paws, I think she wanted Barbara to come out of the screen, lol. That is just confirmation for me on how much they care for their pups. Everyone is always so nice, so attentive and caring, it really does feel like extended family who cares for your kid. You guys are awesome! Thank you for really caring and doing such a wonderful job, you’re truly amazing!! And I never write reviews, but this one is more than well deserved! Thanks so much for giving Sophia lots of love!! :))